Hitachi-LG Super Multi UHD-BD Writer

Hitachi-LG Super Multi UHD-BD Writer
Categories: Video Creating, Courses
Brand: LG
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What is BD? BD brings Full HD video and uncompressed 7.1 channel sound to your home providing the ultimate in home entertainment. With 1080p video resolution pristine surround sound and enhanced interactive features Blu-ray is the best way to enjoy Full HD movies at home. BDXL Support: Ultimate Capacity Three Layer BDXL-R/BDXL RE discs offer 100GB capacity while quad layer BDXL-R discs boast 128GB storage capacity on a single disc. It is equivalent of 27 standard DVDs or 5 single layer Blu-ray discs. Superior data protection with M-DISC Support The M-DISCuses a patent rock-like recording surface instead of organic dye to etch your data onto a disc. The M-DISC has been tested and proven to outlast standard DVDs currently on the market. Silent Play The Silent Play technology helps reduce noise during playback by recognizing different multimedia and automatically adjusting the playback speed according to its criteria for optimal performance. Windows 10 Compatible Enjoy complete freedom in use with compatible support for Windows 10.