Hannspree HT248PPB computer monitor 60.5 cm (23.8") 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD LED Touchscreen Tabletop Black

Hannspree HT248PPB computer monitor 60.5 cm (23.8") 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD LED Touchscreen Tabletop Black
Categories: Video Creating, Courses
Brand: Hannspree
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With 19201080 Full HD resolution and Projective Capacitive 10 point touch technology the HANNSpree HT248PPB delivers seamless and accurate touch response. Featuring Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle LED-back-light LCD screen technology it offers exceptional colour performance and wide viewing angles making it an excellent choice for a vast array of demanding interactive applications. Perfect for both commercial and consumer applications the HT248PPB is a one-stop solution for your multi-touch monitor needs: an ideal screen for Interactive Digital Signage In-store Retail Gaming/amusement Point-of-Sale terminals (POS) Interactive Kiosks Presentations purposes and many more applications. PROJECTED CAPACITIVE (PCAP) TOUCH TECHNOLOGY Now multiple users can experience shared touchscreen interaction. Using up to 10 finger touch points the HANNSpree HT248PPB Monitor allows everyone to play and collaborate at the same time. The precise and accurate multi-touch display allowing up to 10 simultaneous touches is optimised for use with Windows 8 8.1 and 10 allowing you to work smarter and more efficiently. This technology delivers super fast sensitive touch response with excellent dragging performance and perfect picture quality. Ten-point multi-touch support lets you unlock the power of todays touch-enabled applications. SCRATCH RESISTANT MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN WITH 7H SURFACE HARDNESS 7H scratch resistant surface hardness ensures durability as well as a consistent high quality touch experience. Scratch resistance is essential for touch solutions used for education and public environment. This is achieved thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen. This means that the panel surface can withstand impact from objects and scratches making it perfect for public spaces and educational institutions The HT248PPB (7H hardness rating) is designed specifically for schools colleges universities but also Retail and Industrial applications offering protection from impacts and dirt for a long life solution. SLIDE EASILY INTO THE BEST ANGLE FOR TOUCH CONTROL The HANNspree HT248PPB has been specially developed to provide you with the best angle for both viewing and interaction. The sliding-tilt stand allows you to easily and smoothly adjust the screen and find your perfect perspective for comfortable viewing as well as convenient touch usage. The HT248PPB has an Smart adjustable stand with 15 ~ 70 degree tilt angles to give you an ideal viewing position. Alternative the hinged stand allows the monitor to lay down completely flat on the desk for use as a giant tablet. Thanks to ergonomic design you can minimise bad posture or wrist strain and make the most of the HT248PPBs great picture quality and touch interaction. You can also choose to mount your monitor on the wall so you can enjoy even greater viewing flexibility and allowing you to place it easily in tight spaces. VIVID IMAGES LIFELIKE VISUALS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY WITH 178 ULTRA-WIDE VIEW ANGLES The Touch monitor HT248PPB features a 16:9 aspect ratio LED-backlit panel with a 178 ultra-wide view angle that minimises colour shift on both horizontal and vertical planes to ensure quality visuals from almost any direction. It delivers improved colour accuracy plus increased energy efficiency. The HT248PPB uses a 178(H) / 178(V) ultra-wide viewing angle Full HD panel that eliminates colour shift from almost any direction and in nearly every angle. EXTENSIVE CONNECTIVITY The HANNspree HT248PPB features a host of connectivity options that include HDMI Display Port and D-Sub VGA for Full HD 1080p content transmission. HANNspree HT248PPB Touch Monitor with its wide range of inputs ensures that everything from gaming to chatting with friends online is easily achieved. The various inputs ensure that your monitor is more compatible and ready to handle all of your content. Enabling touch is easy! Simply connect the USB cable from your PC to the monitors USB upstream port and connect one of the video inputs to project images onscreen. SPEAKERS AND HEADPHONES The HT248PPB is equipped with stereo speakers for clear audio that sounds like its coming from a high end stereo system. The speakers deliver a true stereo effect for an enhanced listening experience especially when displaying multimedia content during lessons therefore removing the need for external speakers.