Lindy 32645 video test pattern generator HDMI

Lindy 32645 video test pattern generator HDMI
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Brand: Lindy
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Mini HDMI Pattern Generator 3D This compact desktop pattern generator allows you to test a range of different display devices ranging from HDMI/DVI-D capable monitors up to HD 3D Plasma LCD TVs and projectors. Its capable of outputting a wide range of test patterns screen resolutions and refresh rates. Ideal for use in testing environments service departments broadcasting and video production applications it’s also compatible with DVI-D capable displays when using a suitable adapter. • Compact and sturdy metal design • 25 HD timing’s with 6 patterns plus one for 3D timing • Output format: HDMI • v1.4EDID supported • Can be used with projectors LCD and plasma displays • Plug & Play - simple to install and use • DC multi country switching power supply included • 2 year warranty