CIW Web Design Specialist Online Training with Live Labs (1D0-520)

CIW Web Design Specialist Online Training with Live Labs (1D0-520)
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Course Description Discover the CIW Web Design Specialist course, perfectly suited to dedicated individuals looking to learn all there is to know about website design. When it comes to promoting a business idea or marketing a particular product, web design offers many fundamental skills which need to be developed in depth. The World Wide Web holds the key to a vast network of innovatively designed and functional websites that people from all walks of life visit every day. Throughout the duration of this course, learn to build upon your basic web authoring skills by exploring the essentials of web design, including relevant design theory, tools and technologies. This exciting learning programme is ideal for beginners who are eager to increase their business leads and job prospects. Whether you’re a web design student, an IT professional, a graphic artist or a business professional, the CIW Web Design Specialist course is specifically designed to equip those with little or no background with the most practised skills and knowledge needed to target today’s competitive web design industry. In order to learn the basics of website authoring and development, the CIW Site Development Foundations course is a useful starting point to study before progressing onto this course, although this is not essential. Study the complete website design and development process at your own pace with this specialist course. Key learning points For web design enthusiasts who enjoy an innovative and hands-on approach to learning and have devised this course to include the following structure. This course addresses everything from the website development process and the standards your customers will expect, to legal and ethical issues revolving around web development - Ideal for students and business professionals who prefer to have all of the ‘fine print’ covered. Understand the importance of key web design elements - consider how your prospective customers and clients are going to explore these 3 web design functions: usability, navigation and accessibility. Delve into the basic yet modern web technologies of today. These include: Hypertext Mark-up Language , Extensible HTML and extended technologies, image files, GUI site development applications, as well as site publishing and maintenance. Advanced web technologies are also explored in detail here - expect to brush up on the likes of multimedia and plug-in technology tools, as well as web databases, client-side and server-side technologies as part of this course. Learn how to navigate and use popular web design production tools like Microsoft Expression Web, and Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash - here you can indulge your creative streak! Master how design and development technologies play an integral part in creating a website from scratch. Technologies including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), JavaScript, Java applets and Dynamic HTML can each be explored at your own leisure. Website accessibility is crucial for capturing and maintaining the attention span of your customer, which is why aspects such as the extensibility of design tools, compatibility of these tools, open-source applications and the functionality of current web browsers will each be addressed - gain a thorough understanding of current issues relating to web design. Advantages of this course Master technical knowledge and skills needed to successfully design and develop websites. Whether it’s producing professional websites to market your own services, you’re employed by a cutting edge software company and need the expertise, or you’re involved with creating websites for various clients on a freelance basis, this course will allow you to get to grips with all things web design that are necessary for you to know and put into practice. Transform a simple website design vision into a working strategy that will produce results for your business. Experiment with web page layouts, colours and fonts until you’ve learned the power behind the true art of creative web design. Learn the best navigation concepts which will keep any future websites you create in full working order when it comes to site structure, URLs and using correct file names. Improve your personal potential and career prospects today by signing up for our web design course that’s not to be missed! Units of Study Overview of Web Design Concepts Web Development Teams Web Project Management Fundamentals Web Site Development Process Web Page Layout and Elements Web Site Usability and Accessibility Browsers Navigation Concepts Web Graphics Multimedia and the Web Ethical and Legal Issues in Web Development HTML and the Evolution of Markup XML and XHTML Web Page Structure - Tables and Framesets Cascading Style Sheets Site Content and Metadata Site Development with Microsoft Expression Web 4 - Introduction Site Development with Expression Web 4 - Basic Features Site Development with Expression Web 4 - Advanced Features Site Development with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Introduction Site Development with Dreamweaver CS6 - Basic Features Site Development with Dreamweaver CS6 - Advanced Features Creating Web Pages Using Open-Source Tools Image Editing with Adobe Fireworks CS6 Multimedia with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Multimedia with Flash Professional CS6 - Tweens Multimedia with Flash Professional CS6 - Movie Clips Multimedia with Flash Professional CS6 - ActionScript, Masks and Practical Uses JavaScript and DHTML Fundamentals Plug-Ins and Java Applets HTTP Servers and Web Applications Databases Web Site Publishing and Maintenance NOTE: The exam for this course can be found HERE : The Course bundled with the exam can be found HERE. You Can ADD Live Tutor Support to Our Official CIW Courses HERE Course Detail Online Access : 1 YearCompatibility : Windows, MacExam Included : NoNeed to train your Team? Contact Us for Discounts on Multiple Subscription Purchases.