Amer AMRE5006 projector mount accessory Aluminium Steel

Amer AMRE5006 projector mount accessory Aluminium Steel
Brand: Amer
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AMRE5006 6 long extension tube with internal cable management (50mm diameter). This extension tube will allow you to lower your projector installation height by 6. These tubes can be combined with any of the same series (61224) to allow different lengths. eg. Combine a 6 and 12 to extend your total extension distance to 18 or perhaps you need 4ft by combining two 24 tubes. Please note that the projector mount (AMRP100 or AMRDCP100KIT) has about 8.5 inches of drop so the extension will add to the total length. The tube can help lower the projector to your desired height from the ceiling if you do not want to rely on screen height or lens shift/keystone adjustments provided by your projector. Need more space for wires behind your wall mounted projector? You can also use this tube with the projector mount AMRP100 when wall mounting. The extension tube allows for larger projectors to be wall mounted and also provides space between projector and wall when space for connections to cabling is required.

  • Lower projector by an additional 6 inches from ceiling
  • Internal cable management through inside of tube allows clean installation.
  • Strong lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Can also be used in a wall mount situation when space between projector and wall are needed.