450 Led Copper Horsetail Christmas Tree Lights

450 Led Copper Horsetail Christmas Tree Lights
Brand: Very
Color: Warm White
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450 LED Copper Horsetail Christmas Tree Lights Featuring a unique design that sees a series of 21 horsetail strings descending from a central point, these versatile Christmas tree lights will bring a little extra magic to your festive scene. They make it easy to avoid the annual fuss of getting tangled around a traditional set of fairy lights when decorating your tree. Simply place the lights near the top, spread the wires and let 450 warm LED bulbs blend throughout the branches. Perfect for creative types, these lights can be moulded into any shape you like, so they’re not restricted to Christmas trees – create a minimalist winter wonderland by hanging it on your wall in the shape of a tree, or cascade them into random shapes for a striking look. 450 warm white led Material Content: copper Width: 490 CM total 21 strings ip20 transformer both indoor and outdoor use the tansformer must be plugged indoors mains operated