Video Interviews are the New Resumes

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Video Interviews
BY Sarah ON 23 Apr 2022

Video Interviews are the New Resumes

Technological advancements push video interviews to the forefront, and recruiters take advantage of these corporate presentation videos. This part of the hiring process shows interviewers a jobseeker’s enthusiasm level and sometimes skill level. It is a more convenient and efficient method that speeds up the hiring timeline. So, how does one successfully scale this phase?

Tips for A Successful Interview

Since the lockdown, we’ve almost left in-person interviews behind, while remote interviews are in vogue. A great way to impress your interviewer is to show up early for the appointment. Start about 15 minutes before the time; that way, you have time to set up your computer, make sure the internet connection is strong and the webcam is working perfectly.

Since it is still a corporate setting, your background matters a lot. You should eliminate all background noise; warn members of your household, and remove kids and pets from your interview space. Some people prefer to use virtual backgrounds, but you can opt for a blank background in your space. Remember to sit facing the light so your interviewer has a good view of you.


You have gotten to this stage of the hiring timeline, and you are sure to pass on to the next stage. Whether via Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, the basics are the same all-around. Scale your video interviews with ease with these few tips and land your dream job today.