How A Company Promo Video Can Benefit Your Business

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Company Promo Video
BY Sarah ON 01 Jul 2021

How A Company Promo Video Can Benefit Your Business

Gone are the days when print advertising was the key to entice customers. With our ever-changing technology, print advertising is near its end because digital media has overpowered people’s attention. If you want to attract more customers, a company promo video is a solution. However, it’s not that simple to make as there are many people and equipment involved.

With Insomnia-sales you don’t have to worry about buying costly video maker equipment or hiring professional artists, designers, or cameramen. Our film crew and equipment are ready to take on any project you require.

The Benefits Of A Company Promo Video

Most businesses use promo videos on their homepage. A compelling video will help potential customers remember you and what your company is about. It’s a chance to introduce your business and make a long-lasting first impression. Professional, high-quality, and converting videos will make customers come back.

Moreover, promo videos help customers stay longer and browse more on your website. Therefore, it creates more traffic and engages more customers to buy your products and services. Plus, it helps beat your competitors when you have transparent videos that show what you sell.

The Basics Of A Company Promo Video

What should a company promo video have? We have outlined some of the basics in preparing a company promo video that will convert and engage.

• They are short, a maximum of 60 seconds.
• They are interesting, engaging, and informative.
• They have a call to action (CTA)
• They are high-quality videos placed on important parts of the website.

How To Make A Promo Video

Creating a company promo video requires a complete set of equipment and a reliable film crew. No, not just an employee with spare time, but someone with the right skills who has years of experience in video making.

The crew usually involves a director, editor, scriptwriter, storyboard maker, designer, sound specialist, and many more. Plus, you need extensive equipment including cameras and lighting. So, when you have a concept for your promo video, let us know and we’ll help you put that into a film without worrying about anything else.