Create An Engaging Induction Video

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Induction Video
BY Sarah ON 17 Jan 2022

Create An Engaging Induction Video

One of the best ways to engage employees is to create immersive corporate presentation videos and induction videos for onboarding employees. With these videos, you make them feel welcomed and motivated in joining the company. If you want to increase employee retention, this is your answer.

What Makes A Great Induction Video For Employees?

A stellar induction video must be able to communicate the company’s culture and values. From the get-go, onboarding employees should already have an idea of what kind of company they are joining and if it aligns with their beliefs. As an introduction, it may include a CEO welcome message, team introduction, and the company vision and mission.

Moreover, you can also add the company’s history, daily tasks, employee stories, and training procedures. The induction video should make them feel part of the team. It can also include an office tour, things to know, and how-tos. It doesn’t have to be lengthy as these videos should be simple, brief, and straightforward.

Ready To Enhance Your Induction Videos?

If your company already has an induction video and feels like it needs more engagement, you can always make improvements and add other important features. If you still don’t have one, contact us for a free quote. We can make videos no matter the industry and type – from food industries to multi-language videos.