Team Group C173 USB flash drive 16 GB USB Type-A 2.0 Black

Team Group C173 USB flash drive 16 GB USB Type-A 2.0 Black
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Brand: Team
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Rounded streamlined and unibody design TEAMGROUP releases the all-new curved C173 USB drive with black and white colors to choose from! They look like mysterious luxury black pearl and pure flawless white pearl born from the deep blue ocean. The streamlined unibody design is able to offer users a well-rounded and comfortable handheld feeling. Ingenious seamless design The seamless design of the entire USB body is different from other products in the market; it does not scratch your hands or collect dust and get dirty easily. The well-proportioned rounded appearance and the ingenious seamless design make it look simple sleek and elegant. Avoid cap loss with unique design After thoughtfully considering the behavior of consumers a hidden latch is added to the design of C173 USB drive. When using the USB drive consumers can plug cap to the back to avoid cap loss problem. Besides the convenience the elegant and aesthetic overall design can also be maintained. Charming with layering effect C173 USB drive uses matte finish and glossy finish to create a sleek uniqueness. The difference between the two textures can enhance the visual layering effect and makes the C173 USB drive looks dazzling with a unique attractiveness. Plug and play interface C173 USB drive is using USB 2.0 interface. Capacities are available from smallest 8GB to largest 64GB which can satisfy consumers’ need for high-speed transfer and multimedia file storage the plug and play interface also makes file sharing easier than ever before.

  • Rounded and streamlined appearance
  • Ingenious seamless design
  • Thoughtful cap-loss free design for easy storage
  • Plug and play interface
  • Support hot swap
  • Support power saving mode
  • Lifetime warranty with free technical support service