Tannoy GOLD 8 8" Active Monitor Speaker

Tannoy GOLD 8 8" Active Monitor Speaker
Categories: Video Creating, Courses
Brand: Tannoy
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Tannoy GOLD 8 8" Active Monitor Speaker is a compact bi-amped nearfield reference monitor providing exceptional sonic accuracy - perfect for mixing and mastering. The Tannoy GOLD delivers pristine sound at a price that wont break the bank. Utilising a high-precision and neutral soundstage the GOLD monitor produces a non-fatiguing sound perfect for extended mixing sessions. The heart of the GOLD Monitor is a custom premium-grade Dual Concentric driver providing class-leading phase coherence.These high-grade components deliver an extended frequency response capturing every subtle nuance from your audio. The bi-amped design features Class-AB amplification providing powerful sound levels that wont distort. The point source tulip waveguide ensures a natural performance with a huge “sweet spot” so you can make critical mixing decisions with ease. Additionally the rear of the Tannoy GOLD features adjustable controls for room attenuation and a range of connections.