Synology SNV3510 M.2 400 GB PCI Express 3.0 NVMe

Synology SNV3510 M.2 400 GB PCI Express 3.0 NVMe
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Brand: Synology
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Durable SSDs Built for Demanding Caching Workloads N/ASynology SNV3410/3510 NVMe SSDs are designed to handle tough caching workloads in a 24/7 multi-user environment. Their consistent I/O performance boosts system responsiveness and speeds up handling of frequent access data. Purpose-built for Synology systems the NVMe solid-state drive line provides a streamlined storage experience while minimizing service disruptions. SNV3410/3510 comes with advanced lifetime analytics 3 and is backed by Synologys 5-year limited warranty.N/AN/AConsistently Fast Caching for 24/7 EnvironmentN/A Built for system cache SNV3410/3510 drives push up random I/O performance and reduce latency in demanding 24/7 environments. They provide a durable caching experience with up to 400000/70000 4K random read/write IOPS 1 and a 1022 TBW endurance rating 2 suitable for multi-user environments multimedia post-production and database applications. The SNV3000 series comes in two form factors SNV3410 for 2280 and SNV3510 for 22110 . It allows you to build a highly efficient storage system with exceptional performance without sacrificing any 3.5 drive bays.N/AN/AData Integrity SafeguardsN/A SSD caching boosts your system’s read/write performance by storing transient data in solid-state drives to increase retrieval efficiency and cut down recurring requests to the primary storage. Data integrity is important as cached data are continuously relocated. The Synology SNV3000 series offers end-to-end data protection to safeguard data integrity over the entire transfer path. The SNV3510 comes with power loss protection circuit design 6 further preventing data corruption during an abnormal shutdown: Dedicated capacitors provide power to flush data-in-flight into NAND flash in a power loss event and firmware is designed to enable a correct restart on the next power-up.N/AN/ALifetime Analytics Based on Your WorkloadN/A Full integration with Synologys DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system allows Synology systems to provide lifetime analytics 3 based on actual workloads for each SNV3000 series drive. Timely notifications allow you to plan further ahead for uninterrupted system performance and longevity. Easy monitoring allows you to make optimal use of each SSD.N/AN/APurpose-Built for Synology SystemsN/A Firmware versions and component changes can over time cause SSD compatibility issues. Synology SNV3000 series SSDs are thoroughly tested for compatibility with our systems following each engineering change while firmware and component changes are strictly managed. Firmware updates can be installed through Synology DSM at a touch of a button. 4 Intensive I/O stress power cycling and temperature trials ensure that all products meet our strictest standards for quality and reliability