Radial ProAV1 Multimedia Passive DI Box

Radial ProAV1 Multimedia Passive DI Box
Categories: Video Creating, Courses
Brand: Radial
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Flawless sound for all your equipment. The Radial ProAV1 Multimedia Passive DI Box is an essential toolkit for all your multimedia needs. Whether youre on stage or in the studio the ProAV1 automatically sums stereo sources to mono preserving channels and simplifying your setup. Connecting your gear has never been easier. No unwanted noise. Just great sound. The ProAV1 eliminates buzzing from ground loops so youll always get the clearest sound. And with a -15dB pad at hand youll never have to worry about distortion when plugging in your smartphones laptops CD players and more. Perfect for any setup. Thanks to its robust compact construction the ProAV1 can be introduced into the tightest of stage or studio spaces. Never worry about knocks and drops getting in the way of your performance. With its metal chassis youre ready for any challenge.