LG 43US662H9 hospitality TV 109.2 cm (43") 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Black 20 W

LG 43US662H9 hospitality TV 109.2 cm (43") 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Black 20 W
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Brand: LG
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LG Smart Hotel TV with Effective Content ManagementN/AN/AThe US662H series supports clear Ultra HD and efficient content management with Pro:Centric solutions. In addition the new webOS 5.0 for a wide variety of customer needs provides customized content in an easier way.N/AN/APro:Centric HOTEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONN/APro:Centric DirectN/AThe hotel content management solution Pro:Centric Direct offers easy and simple editing tools making it easy to perform service and IP network-based remote management with a single click. The Pro:Centric Direct solution enables users to edit their interface easily by providing customized interface and efficiently manages all TVs in the room.N/AN/AQuick MenuN/ANow LG provides the new Quick menu (ver. 4.0) making it easier and more user-friendly than ever. The home menu solution has been upgraded in a big way with the addition of the new Hotel Promotional Video Creation Tool. Users can now also use Quick Manager for easy information distribution throughout the same network without a server or USB Cloning function making this the perfect solution for Stand-Alone Usage Scenes.N/AN/AMore Innovative LG webOS 5.0N/AExplore the latest LG Smart TV features and discover TVs that deliver innovative technology remarkable clarity and true-to-life colors. Newly added Mood Display & Gallery Mode enable you to utilize the TV as a customized clock and an artwork which perfectly harmonizes with your space and life.N/AN/AVoice RecognitionN/AFrom seamless interaction to consistent user experience LG is going one step further to lead the commercial TV market by including voice recognition allowing users to easily control LG TVs. Our stable and dependable solutions based on webOS and Pro:Centric Direct will significantly enhance the competitiveness of our products and services helping you achieve a successful business in the future.N/AN/ASoft APN/ASoftware-enabled Access Point (Soft AP) is a ““virtual”” Wi-Fi feature that uses software to create a wireless hotspot. The current version supports Bridge Mode which enables network administrators to manage connected devices and collect useful information such as signal level Soft AP passwords etc.N/AN/AHotel Mode (Public Display Mode)N/AFrom channel selection to volume level you can control the TV settings in business areas. Public Display Mode also enables you to restore default settings as required on the TVs.N/AN/AWelcome Video / ScreenN/AWith the capability to display several images Commercial Lite TVs allow for a greater variation of greeting messages in hotel rooms which make customers feel more welcome and cared for.N/AN/AUSB CloningN/AUSB data cloning makes managing multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. Instead of setting up each display one by one data can be copied to a USB for one display and can be sent to the other displays through a USB plug-in.N/AN/ARemote DiagnosticsN/ASave big expenses with the management of commercial TV with Remote Diagnostics. Real-time Remote Diagnostics reports and detects error early in advance to prevent TVs from malfunctioning.N/AN/AIR OutN/AUsing the interactive set-top box all LG TVs can be controlled with a single remote control.N/AN/AExternal Speaker OutN/AEnhance the entertainment experience with an additional speaker. Guests can listen and control the TV audio from anywhere even from restrooms.