IK Multimedia iLoud Precision 5 Desktop Monitor

IK Multimedia iLoud Precision 5 Desktop Monitor
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Brand: IK Multimedia
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The IK Multimedia iLoud Precision 5 Desktop Monitor builds on the success and the design of the iLoud series introducing cutting-edge DSP (digital signal processing) delivering transparent sound with a linear frequency response. What sets the iLoud Precision apart from other desktop monitors is the automated calibration system which is based around the powerful ARC system technology. Designed for mixing and mastering the iLoud Precision monitor delivers exceptional sound reproduction capturing every subtle detail so you can make informed decisions when it comes to processing your sound. At the heart of the iLoud Precision 5 monitors is a 5-inch coated paper mid-woofer and a 1.5-inch chambered dome tweeter powered by custom Class-D power amplifiers. Providing 135W of total power (RMS) and a high SPL you can push the volume to high levels without the fear of distortion. It also features a low-frequency extension at 39Hz allowing for a nuanced low-end response. The iLoud Precisions boasts best-in-class transparency allowing you to mix and master with pinpoint accuracy. Not only can you calibrate the sound to your own liking but you can also emulate the overall sound of a wide variety of popular studio monitors using IK Multimedias X-MONITOR software. You can also use the software to adjust voicing and acoustics. The rear of the iLoud Precisions features low/high frequency controls for optimising the monitor for use with Atmos and other systems. If that wasnt enough the monitor comes complete with isolation pods to de-couple the monitor from your desktop helping to reduce resonance.