Honeywell Vuquest 3320g 1D Photo diode Grey Fixed bar code reader

Honeywell Vuquest 3320g 1D Photo diode Grey Fixed bar code reader
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Brand: Honeywell
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The Honeywell Vuquest 3320g compact area-imaging scannerN/Aoffers aggressive scanning of all 1D PDF and 2D barcodes in aN/Alightweight durable and portable form factor. The scanners sleekN/Aand elegant design also blends seamlessly in retail environments.N/APowered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0 the Vuquest 3320g scannerN/Adelivers superior barcode scanning and digital image capture. AggressiveN/Areading of barcodes on highly reflective surfaces such as mobile phoneN/Ascreens eliminates the need to purchase additional specialty hardware.N/ADesigned with the customer in mind the unobtrusiveN/Aillumination contained within the Vuquest 3320g scannerN/Areduces the annoying after-effects commonly associatedN/Awith the illumination used in imaging-based scanners.N/AThe TotalFreedom 2.0 second-generation development platform expandsN/Ascanner functionality by allowing decoding and formatting plug-ins toN/Abe loaded directly onto the Vuquest 3320g scanner enabling enterprisesN/Ato rapidly support proprietary or newly developed symbologies.N/AThe ability to control the triggering of an external deviceN/Asuch as a beeper photo eye or illumination via external I/ON/Acapabilities allows the Vuquest 3320g scanner to enter newN/Amarkets once reserved for expensive industrial products.N/AWith its small size ergonomically friendly thumb-activated buttonN/Aand clearly visible indicator LEDs the Vuquest 3320g scanner offersN/Aa dependable handheld or wearable scanning solution. The VuquestN/A3320g scanner also offers universal mounting and robust presentationN/Amode scan performance making the device an ideal fixed-mountN/Ascanning solution for use in light industrial applications and kiosks.