Devolo 9791 bridge/repeater 1200 Mbit/s Grey

Devolo 9791 bridge/repeater 1200 Mbit/s Grey
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Brand: Devolo
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Slow unreliable and time-consuming internet browsing in the home is now a thing of the past thanks to Devolos state-of-the-art WiFi ac Repeater. The repeater acts as a WiFi range extender and your entire home can now benefit from buffer-free browsing due to a boosted WiFi signal and increased network speed of an impressive 1200 Mbps. Additional WiFi Range as 1200Mbps We all know home life is busy but when you invest in the ac Repeater device your WiFi strength will meet the needs of the demanding multimedia lifestyle that we have all come to love enjoy and depend on. Whether you are in pursuit of boosted WiFi strength to fully utilise a home office and make video calls want to relax and stream a movie or are simply looking for interruption-free browsing in every room of your house the WiFi ac Repeater is the perfect solution.

  • Instant WiFi ac speed for browsing HD streaming and chatting.
  • Entire home coverage with the WiFi range extender functionality.
  • Made possible with WiFi ac technology up to 1200 Mbps transfer rate for maximum speed.
  • Integrated gigabit LAN port for smart TVs PCs game consoles streaming boxes etc.
  • Your choice of easy set-up by WPS PC laptop tablet or smartphone.
  • Helpful LED signal strength indicator.
  • Compact stylish design versatile positioning anywhere in the home.
  • Compatible with WiFi standards ac/n/g/b/a.
  • Features alternative use as an access point for creating a new WiFi ac network.
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.