Corel CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 1 license(s)

Corel CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 1 license(s)
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From wireframe to wowN/AStart your design journey on the right foot with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021: a complete suite of professional graphic design applications for vector illustration layout photo editing and more specifically designed for your platform of choice.N/AN/ADesignN/AProduce unique illustrations signage logos and moreon Windows or Macand on the go with with clients and colleagues using to gather real-time feedback from one or many reviewers.N/AN/ADoneN/ADeliver exceptional results in less time thanks to seriously productive tools for any type of output.N/AN/AAll the tools you need to tackle any projectN/ACorelDRAWN/ACreate anything and everything with this powerful full-featured graphic design application for vector illustration page layout and more.N/AN/ACorel PHOTO-PAINTN/AProcess images in high gear with the robust AI-powered Corel PHOTO-PAINT and enjoy an integrated workflow with CorelDRAW.N/AN/ACorelDRAW.appN/AUse to gather feedback from a client or to access your work remotely when youre not near your computer.N/AN/ for iPadN/ARely on the iPad app for convenient collaborative file review or to design on the go.N/AN/ACAPTUREN/ACapture and save images of your computer screen including the entire screen individual windows or menu lists in one click.N/AN/ACorel Font ManagerN/AOrganize and manage your font library with the simple yet intuitive Corel Font Manager and use your favorite fonts without needing to install them.N/AN/AAfterShot 3 HDRN/AMake professional-grade corrections and enhancements to RAW or JPEG photos and create high dynamic range images with AfterShot 3 HDR. Available in English German and JapaneseN/AN/AWhats new inN/ACorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021N/AN/ADraw in perspectiveN/ADraw objects or illustrated scenes in perspective faster and easier than ever. Choose from 1 2 or 3-point perspective draw or add an existing group of objects on a shared perspective plane and move and edit objects freely without losing perspective.N/AN/AFlexible design spaceN/AGo from ideation to output in record time with new workflows that put you in control of your pages and assets.N/AN/ADynamic asset managementN/AEnsure youre always working with the most current assets thanks to an impressive new asset management workflow. Create a single source of truth for design assets by sharing symbols across projects and with teams and syncing updates when changes are made by you or others.N/AN/ATime-saving typographyN/ACut out the steps to creating head-turning typography with direct access to over a thousand Google Fonts families in Corel Font Manager. Effortlessly browse search and preview the Google Fonts library which includes a number of new variable fonts without having to install the fonts you want to use.N/AN/AProgressive image editingN/ATake the labor out of what you love with powerful new photo editing features purpose-built to enhance images in fewer steps.N/AN/ANext-generation collaborationN/AEnough wasted time already! Stay connected with colleagues and clients as remote work becomes our new normal.N/AN/A- Gather real-time comments and annotations from one or many contributors right within your shared CorelDRAW design file.N/A- An intuitive new project dashboard makes storing organizing and sharing cloud files a breeze.N/A- An enhanced Comments docker streamlines filtering through feedback with the ability to search reviewer comments.N/AN/ACorelDRAW is everywhere!N/ASay goodbye to technology constraints and hello to a true cross-platform experience across Windows Mac web iPad and other mobile devices. With a new touch-optimized user experience expands whats possible on mobile and tablets and a new iPad app makes it even easier to design on the go.N/AN/AProfessional design tools at your fingertipsN/AVector illustrationN/AUse CorelDRAWs powerful vector illustration tools to turn basic lines and shapes into complex works of art. Create curves with many versatile shaping and drawing tools. Add creative effects to your vector artwork with effect tools like Contour Envelope Blend Mesh Fill and more.N/AN/APage layoutN/AFind all the tools you need to create layouts for brochures multi-page documents and more. Toggle between single page and multipage editing giving you creative freedom to work the way you want.N/AN/APhoto editingN/AAdjust color and tone remove imperfections correct perspective and more with Corel PHOTO-PAINTs powerful layer-based photo editing tools. Improve the size and quality of your images with artificial intelligence and use AfterShot 3 HDR to create stunning High Dynamic Range photos from your RAW images.N/AN/ATypographyN/AArrange type beautifully with a complete set of typography tools. Add effects to text like block shadows and contours fine-tune fonts responsively with variable font support fit text to paths and more.N/AN/AFont managementN/AOrganize and manage your font library with the intuitive Corel Font Manager and use your favorite fonts without installing them. Work faster with fonts using the network storage feature and enjoy direct access to over 1000 Google Fonts families.N/AN/AColor fills and transparenciesN/AEasily apply color to fills and outlines using color swatches or generate colors based on color harmonies. Change the transparency of an object and fill objects with patterns gradients mesh fills and more.N/AN/ANon-destructive editingN/AEdit bitmaps and vectors knowing you wont harm the original image or object. Create block shadows symmetrical illustrations and perspective drawings all non-destructively and apply a number of reversible adjustments and effects in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.N/AN/ABitmap to vector tracingN/AEnjoy exceptional bitmap-to-vector trace results with the impressive AI-assisted PowerTRACE. Benefit from advanced image-optimization options that help improve the quality of a bitmap as you trace it.N/AN/AStyles and style setsN/AThe Object Styles docker makes it a breeze to manage styles and style sets to apply consistent formatting across multiple objects produce iterative versions and format whole documents quickly and consistently.N/AN/AUnparalleled object controlN/AControl every element in your document with a handy Objects docker that allows you to hide rename search for objects and change their stacking order. Use the Object Properties docker to manage object formatting fills and more.N/AN/AWorkspace customizationN/AAdapt your design space to match your workflow needs. Seamlessly import CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT workspaces that were created in previous versions or use predefined workspaces to keep industry-specific tools organized and accessible.N/AN/ADesign for print or webN/A- Experience unrestricted design with pure precision for print or web delivering flawless publishing and outputevery time.N/A- Master color consistency across different media with confidence knowing your colors are accurate before you printN/A- Produce captivating website content with a collection of exceptional web graphics tools and presetsN/AN/AExtensive file compatibilityN/AEasily import and export a variety of project assets based on client-provided files or needs thanks to support for an immense list of graphics publishing and image file formats.