Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Amp Black with Carrying Case

Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Amp Black with Carrying Case
Categories: Video Creating, Courses
Brand: Boss
349 GBP
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The Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Amp with Carrying Case is the ultimate tool of translation for any mobile street artist. Battery powered Bluetooth enabled this amplifier provides rich stereo harmonics and will stick by your side wherever you take it making it perfect for buskers outdoor gigs and public speakers. Paired with a carry case you can get up and go whenever you want! Plug in mics and instruments are enabled by the dual channels and will sound great wherever you are as well as saving the hassle of carrying around all that extra gear. Upgraded from the original and best-selling Roland Cube Street the Street 2 proudly sports the rebranded BOSS logo for the first time. Whatever your message you can get it across with confidence anytime anywhere. Thanks to the built-in effects functions your creativity as a performer is boundless - the Bluetooth function even allows you to wirelessly stream backing tracks directly to the amp to. Say goodbye to those annoying back vocalists that never turn up on time as the Street 2 features a vocal harmony function so you can elevate your performances even further. Absolutely Boss right?