Benq ST6502K Digital signage flat panel 165.1 cm (65") LCD 450 cd/m 4K Ultra HD Black Android 8.0 18/7

Benq ST6502K Digital signage flat panel 165.1 cm (65") LCD 450 cd/m 4K Ultra HD Black Android 8.0 18/7
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Brand: Benq
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Professional Smart SignageN/AAll-in-One Smart Signage with Ultra-Thin BezelsN/AN/AThe ST02 smart signage is the ideal digital display solution for small and large businesses. The ultra-thin bezel display comes with stunning 4K UHD resolution producing eye-catching images in vivid detail. The matte finish along with 450 nits of brightness make pictures stand out in any environment.N/AN/ADesigned for Performance & FlexibilityN/AUltra-thin Bezels and 4K UHD ClarityN/AN/AWith one of the slimmest bezels on the market the ST02 is engineered to give users a more expansive canvas to showcase their designs. The 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) provides vivid picture quality by offering four times more detail and workspace than a 1080p Full HD display.N/AN/AHigh Brightness Anti-Glare DisplayN/AN/AThe ST02 provides 450 nits of brightness to display vibrant pictures that are clearly visible even in high brightness environments. The ST02 features an anti-glare screen that ensures optimal readability in any viewing condition. The matte finish on the display reduces reflection while enhancing visibility for both indoor and outdoor use.N/AN/ASlim & LightweightN/AN/AThe thin and lightweight design fits any in-store environment. It makes the smart signage ideal as a mounted or portable retail display.N/AN/ASimple Effortless SetupN/AN/ABuilt-In Android OSN/AN/AThe smart signage comes with its own Android OS eliminating the need for an external processing device or player to access and display content.N/APlug and PlayN/AN/AUSB plug-and-play lets you access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive without requiring a PC connection or complicated setups.N/AN/AQuick Setup with BenQ LauncherN/AN/AThe BenQ Launcher running on the Android OS aggregates all device and connection settings and tools into one place for ease of use.N/AN/AWireless PresentationN/AN/AThe smart signage supports InstaShare a simple presentation and collaboration solution that allows designers to wirelessly display content.N/AN/AX-Sign 2.0: Easy Content Design & DeliveryN/AN/AX-SignN/AN/AX-Sign BenQs content management software facilitates effortless content creation management and delivery. Designers can either publish original material or use one of X-Signs templates to quickly create eye-catching visuals.N/AN/AInstant Price and Inventory UpdatesN/AN/AUpdating prices and other variable content is easy. Operators just need to modify a centralized CSV file in the cloud and push the update to one or more displays.N/AN/AReal-Time MessagesN/AN/AX-Sign pushes real-time messages to displays for important live announcements and promotions. Operators can set which displays receive each message.N/AN/AQR Code Interaction & AnalysisN/AN/AX-Signs built-in QR code generator allows customers to scan codes on the display to receive additional promotional information. Operators can save QR code interactions for consumer behavioral analysis.N/AN/ABroadcast YouTube Live Streaming across Multiple DisplaysN/AN/AWith X-Sign operators can livestream YouTube broadcasts of product launches and events on displays in real time making it ideal for remote promotions.N/AN/AHassle-Free ManagementN/AN/ADevice ManagementN/AN/ARemotely control all your displays through the BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS). The centralized management console lowers both management cost and energy consumption.N/AN/AApp ManagementN/AN/AEliminate the need for repetitive manual installation and configuration. Using DMS Cloud you can install and manage Android apps on multiple BenQ displays in one go.N/AN/AOver-the-Air UpdatesN/AN/AReceive over-the-air (OTA) updates so that your displays are always equipped with the latest features and security patches.