Benq ST5502S 139.7 cm (55") 400 cd/m 4K Ultra HD Black Android 8.0 18/7

Benq ST5502S 139.7 cm (55") 400 cd/m 4K Ultra HD Black Android 8.0 18/7
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Brand: Benq
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Superior picture quality every timeN/AN/A4K UHD ClarityN/AEnjoy crisp and colourful images with the ST series. 4K UHD resolution brings excellent clarity and readability to any space.N/AN/ABuilt-In Android OSN/AUse the built-in Android OS to access files display content and start presentations without connecting other devices.N/AN/AAll-in-One Smart Signage Made for Effective Meetings and PresentationsN/AST5502S Smart Signage upgrades enterprise corporate and organisational conference capabilities while maintaining superb return on investment. Visuals come across in 4K ultra HD with vivid colours and sharp contrast on thin-bezel screens putting an end to vague blurry image quality that detracts from the impact and sheer productivity of teleconferencing.N/AN/ASuccessful Meetings viaN/AOptimal ClarityN/AThe 4K ultra-high definition resolution (3840 x 2160) offers the most exquisite image detail for breathtaking meeting experiences.N/AN/ATrue 4K UHD DetailN/AThe ST5502S is engineered to give users a more expansive canvas to showcase presentations designs ideas and plans.N/AN/AWork Done More EffectiveN/AEasy-to-go StandN/AEnables Smart Sgnage solutions with versatility on a whole new level. With removable wheels the easy-to-go stands let you quickly move the signage from one meeting room to another to maximise usability reduce complexity and save on unnecessary costs.N/AN/AHassle-free Video ConferencingN/AWith the pre-installed TeamViewer Meeting you can start video meetings with a simple click on the ST series.N/AN/AAll Ready for Bring Your Own Device with InstaShareN/ATwo-way mirroring and two-way touch control plus up to 4 split screens supported - thats got you covered on your favourite personal devices so go ahead and BYOD.N/AN/ABuilt-In Android OSN/ASaves precious time for customers gets more work done directly on the digital signage and helps increase efficacy and users convenience.N/AN/APlug and PlayN/ALets you access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive without requiring a PC connection or complicated setup.N/AN/ADisplay Management System (DMS)N/ACentralised display management and the ability to keep display firmware and apps up to date via LAN or Internet.N/AN/AX-Sign CMS and Broadcasting SoftwareN/AEdit manage and customise content in depth through the intuitive X-Sign Content Management Software (CMS) included with the ST5502S displays. Additionally X-Sign Broadcast keeps teams in the know with a smart broadcasting system that offers instant delivery and easy management of push alerts messages and announcements.N/AN/ADesigned for Performance & FlexibilityN/AUltra-thin Bezels and 4K UHD ClarityN/AWith one of the slimmest bezels on the market the ST02S is engineered to give users a more expansive canvas to showcase their designs. The 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) provides vivid picture quality by offering four times more detail and workspace than a 1080p Full HD display.N/AN/ASlim & LightweightN/AThe thin and lightweight design fits any in-store environment. It makes the Smart Signage ideal as a mounted or portable retail display.N/AN/ASimple Effortless SetupN/ABuilt-In Android OSN/AThe Smart Signage comes with its own Android OS eliminating the need for an external processing device or player to access and display content.N/AN/APlug and PlayN/AUSB plug and play lets you access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive without requiring a PC connection or complicated setups.N/A- With Android OSN/A- USB plug and playN/A- No PC neededN/A- Cable freeN/AN/AQuick Setup with BenQ LauncherN/AThe BenQ Launcher running on the Android OS aggregates all tools device and connection settings into one place for ease of use.N/AN/AWireless PresentationN/AThe Smart Signage supports InstaShare a simple presentation and collaboration solution that allows users to wirelessly display content.N/AN/AX-Sign 2.0: Easy Content Design & DeliveryN/AX-SignN/AX-Sign BenQs content management software facilitates effortless content creation management and delivery. Users can either publish original material or use one of X-Signs templates to quickly create eye-catching visuals.N/AN/AInstant Price and Inventory UpdatesN/AUpdating prices and other variable content is easy. Operators just need to modify a centralised CSV file in the cloud and push the update to one or more displays.N/AN/AReal-Time MessagesN/AX-Sign pushes real-time messages to displays for important live announcements and promotions. Operators can set which displays receive each message.N/AN/AQR Code Interaction & AnalysisN/AX-Signs built-in QR code generator allows customers to scan codes on the display to receive additional promotional information. Operators can save QR code interactions for consumer behavioural analysis.N/AN/ABroadcast YouTube Live Streaming Across Multiple DisplaysN/AWith X-Sign operators can livestream YouTube broadcasts of product launches and events on displays in real time making it ideal for remote promotions.N/AN/AHassle-Free ManagementN/ADevice ManagementN/ARemotely control all your displays through the BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS). The centralised management console lowers both management cost and energy consumption.N/AN/AApp ManagementN/AEliminate the need for repetitive manual installation and configuration. Using the DMS Cloud you can install and manage Android apps on multiple BenQ displays in one go.N/AN/AOver-the-Air UpdatesN/AReceive over-the-air (OTA) updates so that your displays are always equipped with the latest features and security patches.