Aten CAMLIVE video capturing device HDMI

Aten CAMLIVE video capturing device HDMI
Brand: Aten
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“CAMLIVE” is an HDMI UVC Video Capture device to send unencrypted HDMI video to your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 laptop (or USB-A with the included adapter). Its compliant with latest USB 3.1 Type-C specification. CAMLIVE is designed to Plug & Play. Its built-in UVC and UAC standard support allows system operation without installing drivers and at the same time delivers eye-popping highquality video on Windows and Mac systems at 1080/60fps. By sending captured RAW data you can enjoy video editing or live streaming with various popular third-party video-editing software/platforms - Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) XsplitTwitch YouTube Facebook to name a few. Having a slim and aesthetic design CAMLIVE provides you with an enjoyable high-quality live streaming/video editing experience with style whether at work or on the go.

  • Captures unencrypted HDMI video signal from camcorder or DSLR up to 1080P @ 60
  • Supports live video streaming webcasting and video conferencing
  • Compatible with popular streaming software such as OBS Xsplit YouTube Facebook and Twitch
  • Plug & Play Supports UVC/UAC v1.1
  • Compatible with USB3.1 Gen1 Type-C standard
  • Works with all major operating systems: Windows and OS X