ASUS Xonar SE Internal 5.1 channels PCI-E

ASUS Xonar SE Internal 5.1 channels PCI-E
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Brand: Asus
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Xonar SE 5.1 PCIe gaming sound card with 192kHz/24-bit hi-res audio and 116dB SNR 192kHz/24-bit 5.1-channel playback and 300ohm headphone amp for enhanced bass and clear detailed sound Hi-fidelity immersive sound with a 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) Xonar Audio Center software provides a user-friendly experience via an inviting and intuitive interface Exclusive Hyper Grounding Technology ensures effective noise-blocking and reduced audio distortion and cross-over interference Sharpen your hearing. Dominate all Xonar SE is a PCIe gaming sound card built with high-quality components to satisfy gamers who demand exceptional sound for the best gaming and multimedia experiences. Xonar SE delivers 5.1-channel 192kHz/24-bit hi-res audio output with a high 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and comes with a built-in 300ohm headphone amplifier that provides rich detailed sound and defined bass. Immersive audio optimized for gaming Enjoy 192kHz/24-bit hi-res audio in cinematic 5.1-channel surround With up to 5.1-channel output and support for 192kHz/24-bit hi-res audio Xonar SE lets you enjoy truly cinematic sound while gaming watching movies and listening to music. 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) Xonar SE delivers an exceptional audio signal with a 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for 32-times greater clarity than average onboard audio chips. Integrated headphone amplifier reveals every audio detail Since many gamers choose to play wearing headphones Xonar SE features a high-quality 300ohm headphone amplifier that delivers detailed immersive sound with punchy defined bass. Exclusive sound-insulation technology Hyper Grounding technology Exclusive ASUS Hyper Grounding PCB fabrication ensures strong signal insulation to reduce distortion and interference also known as component crosstalk. Handy audio controls Take complete control with Xonar Audio Center Xonar SE features the Xonar Audio Center software suite for full control over every aspect of sound from equalization (EQ) to 5.1-speaker level-balancing and provides a user-friendly experience via an inviting and intuitive interface. Works perfectly with Windows 10 Xonar SE is fully compatible with Windows 10 and features Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) support ensuring a great audio experience with minimal setup hassles. Bundled low-profile bracket to fit a mini chassis Xonar SE is only half the height of regular cards so it comes with an interchangeable metal bracket to fit smaller cases.