ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR 80 cm (31.5") 2560 x 1440 pixels Quad HD LED Black

ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR 80 cm (31.5") 2560 x 1440 pixels Quad HD LED Black
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Brand: Asus
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TUF gaming VG32VQ1BRN/ATUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR is a 31.5-inch WQHD (2560x1440) curved display with an ultrafast 165Hz refresh rate designed for professional gamers and those seeking immersive gameplay. Those are some serious specs but not even the most exciting thing the VG32VQ1BR has in store. Its impressive curved display features a 165Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync Premium) technology for extremely fluid gameplay without tearing and stuttering.N/AN/A31.5-inch immersive curvatureN/AThe 31.5-inch WQHD (2560 X 1440) panel of TUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR delivers stunning visuals from all angles with an 1500R curvature that ensures every point is equidistant to your eyes. This contributes to greater viewing comfort even during extended use and lets you enjoy a wide viewing angle with less distortion and color shift when gaming and watching movies.N/AN/A165Hz Refresh RateN/ATUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR 165Hz refresh rate decimates lag and motion blur to give you the upper hand in first person shooters racers real-time strategy and sports titles. This ultrafast refresh rate lets you play at the highest visual settings and lets you react instantly to what’s onscreen so you’ll get that first strike in.N/AN/AEXTREME LOW MOTION BLURN/AVG32VQ1BR Features the latest ASUS-exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur technology which achieves 1ms MPRT to eliminate smearing and motion blur and makes objects in motion look sharper so gameplay is more fluid and responsive.N/AN/AMulti HDR ModeN/ANow you can choose from multiple HDR modes to adjust monitor HDR performance based on the current viewing scenarioN/AN/AHDR 10N/ATo more fully realize gamers’ vision TUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR is compatible with industry-standard HDR10 high dynamic range for color and brightness levels that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors.N/AN/AShadow BoostN/AASUS Shadow Boost technology clarifies dark areas of the game without overexposing brighter areas improving overall viewing while also making it easier to spot enemies hidden in dark areas of the map.N/AN/AGamePlusN/AThe ASUS-exclusive integrated GamePlus hotkey offers in-game enhancements that help you get more out of your game. This function is co-developed with input from pro gamers allowing them to practice and improve their gaming skills.N/AN/AGameVisualN/AASUS GameVisual Technology has seven pre-set display modes to optimize visuals for different types of content. This unique feature can be easily accessed through a hotkey or the on-screen display settings menuN/AN/AFlicker-Free technologyN/AFlicker-Free technology reduces flicker to minimize eyestrain for improved comfort when you’re embroiled in long gaming sessions.N/AN/AUltra-Low Blue Light technologyN/AASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light technology reduces the amount of potentially harmful blue light emitted by the display. Four different filter settings are available to control the amount of blue light reduction.N/AN/ARich connectivityN/AExtensive connectivity options including DisplayPort(v1.2) HDMI (v2.0) Earphone Jack support a wide array of multimedia devices.N/AN/AErgonomic designN/AWith an ergonomically-designed stand TUF Gaming VG32VQ1BR provides tilt swivel so you can easily find your ideal viewing position. The display is also VESA-compatible for wall mounting.