ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip B3402FEA-EC0711X notebook i5-1135G7 Hybrid (2-in-1) 35.6 cm (14") Touchscreen Full HD Intel Core i5 8 GB DDR4-SDRAM 256 GB SSD Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Windows 11 Pro Black

ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip B3402FEA-EC0711X notebook i5-1135G7 Hybrid (2-in-1) 35.6 cm (14") Touchscreen Full HD Intel Core i5 8 GB DDR4-SDRAM 256 GB SSD Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Windows 11 Pro Black
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Brand: Asus
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Achieve more anytime anywhereN/AASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip is built to embrace the new normal hybrid working and learning. It is the best companion for teachers and students and the perfect colleague for business users and pros. With a versatile tough design studying or working everywhere is no longer a dream. Its equipped with a 360 hinge for total display flexibility a world-facing camera1 for a new perspective and a garaged stylus2 for simple safe input. B3 Flip is engineered filled with many cunning protection features including ASUS Antibacterial Guard34 and a TV Rheinland-certified display for everyday eye care. It also supports up to WiFi 6 and 4G LTE5 for fast and portable connectivity along with two-way AI-powered noise-cancelation technology and noise-reducing cameras for excellent remote learning and conferencing. With ExpertBook B3 Flip in your bag all your worlds are just one twist away.N/AN/A360 Hinge & PenN/AAll-around versatilityN/AExpertBook B3 Flip offers a 360 hinge that allows it to be positioned in various ways. Flip it completely to take notes in tablet mode or elevate with tent mode for easy revision studying notes and taking photos. In the middle of a presentation or meeting? Then switch easily to standing mode for the perfect view. ExpertBook B3 Flip is flexible enough to conquer any tasks you throw at it!N/AN/AHandy garaged stylusN/AWhen drawing taking notes or marking up documents the garaged stylus2 included with ExpertBook B3 Flip helps you get every detail just right. The built-in stylus holder keeps the pen close at hand and reduces the risk of losing it. With a 15-second charge giving enough power for 45 minutes of use youll never be left waiting.N/AN/ADual CameraN/APicture the world differentlyN/AExpertBook B3 Flip includes a special world-facing camera1 that empowers students to explore and learn in totally new ways and permits professionals and workers to multitask in more efficient ways.N/AN/ATwo cameras twice the inspirationN/AExpertBook B3 Flip includes a standard webcam along with a special 13 MP world-facing high-resolution camera1 located just above the keyboard an ideal position that allows you to capture photos and videos in tablet and tent mode.N/AN/ADurabilityN/AReady for actionN/ALife on the road is tough so ExpertBook B3 Flip is designed to both meet and surpass exacting industry thresholds including the ultra-demanding MIL-STD 810H US military standard. Its built to survive every extreme from freezing temperatures to the searing heat of desert storms and high-speed shocks to everyday bumps. B3 Flip also undergoes stringent in-house testing including panel-pressure shock and drop tests for an assurance of serious durability6.N/AN/ADurabilityN/ASolid constructionN/AThe chassis design incorporates features that provide extra structural rigidity to cope with the rigors of everyday use.N/AN/APerformanceN/AGet the job done effortlesslyN/ATo ensure smooth multimedia learning and to make light work of all business tasks ExpertBook B3 Flip is powered by an up to 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with Iris Xe graphics and superfast intel WiFi 68 providing quick and responsive computing and lively graphical performance. It also features an onboard memory and a SO-DIMM slot for upgrading memory up to 48 GB so its ready for everything you throw at it today and tomorrow.N/AN/AConnectivityN/ASpeedy mobile connectivityN/AExpertBook B3 Flip has built-in 4G LTE5 for safe secure and speedy mobile connectivity wherever you go enabling you to learn and work everywhere. It also offers up to the latest WiFi 6 technology to deliver ultrafast and stable speeds for online learning and super-smooth business meetings. Plus ASUS WiFi Master9 technology youll enjoy faster and more reliable WiFi connections at greater distances than ever before.N/AN/AASUS Antibacterial GuardN/AAntibacterial protection for allN/AThe surface of any laptop harbors thousands of potentially harmful bacteria. To keep your ExpertBook B3 Flip hygienic the keyboard touchpad and palm rest are all protected with antibacterial treatment34. This has been scientifically shown by the internationally-recognized ISO 22196 standard to inhibit the growth of bacteria by in excess of 99% over a 24-hour period. ASUS Antibacterial Guard is also made to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products and hypochlorous acid water10 empowering you to keep the surface of your laptop clean and sanitary limiting the spread of harmful bacteria.N/AN/ADisplayN/AMulti-touch with eye-care technologyN/AExpertBook B3 Flips two-sided slim-bezel multi-touch screen provides intuitive input for modern learning and working experiences. Plus the panel is also certified by TV Rheinland for low blue-light emissions helping protect eyes from potential harm. Youll be able to study or work without worrying about your eyes being harmed.N/AN/ARemote Learning and ConferencingN/ATwo-way AI noise-canceling audio technologyN/ATo level up remote learning and professional conferencing ExpertBook B3 Flip has two-way AI noise-canceling technology that employs sophisticated machine-learning techniques. The technology includes both an upstream function to filter noise around the speaker and a downstream function to eliminate noise from the person at the other end of the conversation. Try the demo to experience the amazing difference that ASUS two-way AI noise-canceling technology can make.N/AN/ANoise-reducing cameraN/AInnovative 3D noise-reduction (3DNR) technology on the ExpertBook B3 Flip webcam reduces up to 94% of the random noise that naturally affects any camera11 especially in low-light situations greatly enhancing image quality without affecting exposure or detail levels.N/AN/AMicrophone mute keyN/AIt takes just a single tap to mute the microphone providing quick reassurance that all your conversations are private.N/AN/AI/O PortsN/AComprehensive connectivity with no compromiseN/ADesigned to provide excellent performance to realize seamless productivity ExpertBook B3 Flip is filled with I/O ports. These include cutting-edge Thunderbolt 4 the next generation of universal cable connectivity which supports the USB4 interface 40 Gbps data transfer speeds 4K display output and rapid charging. USB Type-A and HDMI outputs are also included as well as a Kensington lock slack an Audio Combo Jack and a microSD card and nano SIM Combo.N/AN/AUser ExperienceN/AUltimate input experienceN/AFrom keyboard to touchpad typing and pointer control on ExpertBook B3 Flip is a comfortable and enjoyable experience with a host of features and improvements that enhance both productivity and comfort.N/AN/ANumberPad 2.0N/AASUS NumberPad 2.01213 is an LED-illuminated numeric keypad thats perfect for crunching numbers. Tap the NumberPad 2.0 icon on the top right of the touchpad to turn it on and tap the icon on the left to toggle between two brightness settings. Clever software lets you control the cursor even when NumberPad 2.0 is activated.N/AN/ABacklit keyboardN/AThe backlit keyboard lets you type effortlessly in dark environments from twilight caf tables to aircraft cabins.N/AN/AFunction-key shortcutsN/AFor added convenience you can capture screen grabs activate the webcam mute the microphone enable AI noise cancelation or access the MyASUS app via function-key shortcuts instantly.N/AN/ALED user-status indicatorN/AA small bright LED light on the top cover of ExpertBook B3 Flip offers an at-a-glance indication of your status automatically glowing when youre busy in a conference call or during online learning. So if youre headlong into a Skype or Teams meeting people will know instantly to not bother you at that moment!N/AN/ALED indicator status Auto: lights up automatically when the laptop is in a call via Teams Skype Zoom Google Meet.N/AN/AManually: On/OffN/AN/ASecurityN/ALearn or work safelyN/AExpertBook B3 Flip has a strong security system in place to keep confidential and private information safe. These features include an embedded fingerprint sensor and a physical webcam shield as well as TPM 2.0 which ensures that attackers dont get a sneak peek into your personal life behind the scenes. Theres even a Kensington lock slot built in making it simple to safeguard your ExpertBook B3 Flip.N/AN/AWebcam shieldN/AWhen not in use the webcam on ExpertBook B3 Flip is hidden behind a physical cover ensuring quick privacy. Simply slide it open to make video calls or recordings then close it again when youre finished.N/AN/AFingerprint-reader buttonN/AWith a fingerprint sensor embedded into the power button ExpertBook B3 Flip features built-in biometric protection. So to turn on and log in simply press the button no difficult-to-remember passwords or PINs required!N/AN/ATPM 2.0N/AA discrete TPM 2.014 chip protects vital data and transactions by securely storing authentication information used by software such as passwords or encryption keys. Your information is encrypted essentially removing the danger of a data breach due to hacking.N/AN/AManagementN/ASimplifying businessN/AASUS Business PCs make management a lot easier. ASUS management solutions simplify everyday chores by allowing IT professionals to oversee and manage company assets remotely saving your firm time and money.N/AN/AMyASUS appN/AMyASUS is the easy way to access ASUS apps that help you get more out of your laptop or desktop PC. The Link to MyASUS feature is a handy tool thats part of the MyASUS app15. It seamlessly integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking. A series of features enables you to transfer files or links quickly and wirelessly between devices control your phone from your PC use your mobile device as a secondary display or access local PC files remotely from your phone. Link to MyASUS simplifies your life!N/AN/AASUS Control Center16N/AA centralized IT-management software suite that enables remote management via web-based interface.N/AN/AASUS Business ManagerN/AA set of utilities for performing routine maintenance and optimization tasks.N/AN/AServiceN/AMaximum support minimal effortN/AThe ASUS Service Package offers a wider range of solutions that go beyond the standard warranty to meet the needs of business-critical IT environments. The extended offerings protect your business not just the hardware allowing you to customize a service solution that best meets your needs.