Asrock X570S PG Riptide AMD X570 Socket AM4 ATX

Asrock X570S PG Riptide AMD X570 Socket AM4 ATX
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X570S PG Riptide Supports AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen™ 2000 3000 4000 G-Series 5000 and 5000 G-Series Desktop Processors 10 Phase Digi Power Dr. MOS Supports DDR4 5000+ (OC)* 3 PCIe 4.0 x16 Slots 3 PCIe 4.0 x1 Slots 1 M.2 Key-E for WiFi Graphics Outputs: HDMI 7.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC897 Audio Codec) Nahimic Audio 6 SATA3 1 Hyper M.2 (PCIe Gen4 x4) 1 Hyper M.2 (PCIe Gen4 x4 & SATA3)** 3 USB 3.2 Gen2 (Front Type-C Rear Type-A+C) 8 USB 3.2 Gen1 (4 Front 4 Rear) 6 USB 2.0 (4 Front 2 Rear) Killer E3100G 2.5G LAN Riptide Riptide is named after a specific kind of water current with strong waves that occurs in the ocean representing the philosophy of sea’s double-side calm and unlimited strength. Built around powerful gaming-related features the Riptide has given a powerful smash and immersed users in the sense of stability. Dr. MOS Dr.MOS is the integrated power stage solution which is optimized for synchronous buck-set down voltage applications! Compared to traditional discrete MOSFETs it intelligently delivers higher current for each phase thus providing improved thermal result and superior performance. Premium 60A Power Choke Compared to traditional chokes ASRock’s premium 60A power chokes effectively make the saturation current up to three times better thus providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard. 10 Power Phase Design Featuring sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well. Killer™ Ethernet E3100 The Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps Ethernet controller is designed specically for competitive gamers and performance-hungry users. The enhanced detection and prioritisation engine provides the ultimate networking experience for gaming and multimedia applications. Intel Killer™ Prioritization Engine The Intel Killer™ Prioritisation Engine detects and optimally prioritizes over 1000 different games apps and websites to deliver amazing online experiences ensuring you get your lowest in-game latencies by prioritizing your gaming traffic above everything else. AMD Smart Access Memory Conventional PC systems processor can only access a fraction of graphics memory and limits system performance. With AMD Smart Access Memory the data channel gets expanded to harness the full potential of GPU memory removes the bottleneck and increase performance. Dual Hyper M.2 For SSD Supports the next generation PCI Express 4.0 M.2 SSDs it is capable of perform twice the speed compared to previous 3rd generation giving a lightning fast data transferring experience. Lightning Gaming Ports Aimed for die hard gamers and enthusiasts! Lightning Gaming Ports are sourced from two different controller interfaces that assist gamers in connecting the high speed mice/keyboard with the lower jitter and latency! Reinforced Steel Slot [PCIe 4.0 Version] The reinforced steel slot comes with the next generation PCI Express 4.0 standard. The various benefits include: Extra anchor points Stronger latch Ensure signal stability Make sure heavy graphics cards to be well-installed. ASRock Graphics Card Holder Install your heavy graphics card on the holder; connect it to your motherboard and chassis with screws. Flexibly slide up and down to perfectly adjust the height required for your graphics card in place. Rule Your Own Lighting Way - Polychrome RGB ASRock motherboards deliver stunning performance and superior aesthetics to rule your own colorful lighting way! ASRock offers a very comprehensive control to perform the built-in RGB LEDs or the connected LED strips CPU fans coolers chassis and any RGB devices smoothly. Devices can be synchronized across the Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories as well. Front USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C Front USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C header delivers up to 10 Gbps data transfer rate and next generation reversible USB design to the front panel of computer case. Dual USB 3.2 Gen2 (Type-A + Type-C) This motherboard has a pair of onboard Type-A and Type-C USB 3.2 Gen2 ports built on the rear i/o for supporting next generation USB 3.2 Gen2 devices and to deliver up to 10 Gbps data transfer rates. M.2 (KEY E) For WiFi Besides the onboard LAN port users may also choose 802.11ac wireless connections by M.2 (Key E) slot. *Wi-Fi module is not included. Thunderbolt 4 AIC Header Thunderbolt 4 is no longer limited to certain chipset; ASRock skillfully implement the Thunderbolt 4 technology supporting Hot-Plug onto AMD motherboards. All you need is a Thunderbolt 4 AIC card! Nahimic Audio Whether you are using headphones a headset external or internal speakers via USB Wi-Fi analog output or even HDMI Nahimic Audio offers you the most engaging listening experience vibrant and rich with details. Post Status Checker An easy troubleshooting tool that shows the CPU / DRAM / VGA / BOOT operation every time you start up the system. Post Status Checker is an fast and easy way to identify the source of the problem. HDMI 4k @ 60Hz Supports the most recent HDMI 4K 60Hz graphics output specification. With the larger bandwidth and increased frame rate the motion on your screen becomes more fluid and less blurry.