AOC V5 Q32V5CE 80 cm (31.5") 2560 x 1440 pixels Quad HD LED Black

AOC V5 Q32V5CE 80 cm (31.5") 2560 x 1440 pixels Quad HD LED Black
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Brand: AOC
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The AOC Q32V5CE is a 32 VA panel with QHD resolution for comfortable and outstanding viewing experience in a three-side frameless chassis. Ready to boost your productivity with USB-C with Power Delivery up to 65W 4 USB ports & HDMI while also offering everything you need for your free time.N/AN/AQHD RESOLUTIONN/AWith 2560 x 1440 resolution Quad HD (QHD) offers superior picture quality and sharp imagery that reveals the finest details. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio provides plenty of space to spread out and work plus allows you to enjoy games or movies in their original size.N/AN/AVA PANELN/AVA Panels (Vertical Alignment) display deeper blacks and a high contrast for extra vivid and bright images.N/AN/APOWER DELIVERY 65WN/AUSB-C is a rising technology that allows fast data transfer display signal and power delivery to recharge your devices while working. Through a single slim cable AOC USB-C technology powers up to 65W charging conventional low/high power devices (such as your mouse or keyboard) smartphones and laptops.N/AN/AUSB-CN/ASimplify the connections with one cable only. The USB-C connection provides DisplayPort Alternate Mode for transferring high-resolution video signals from a notebook to the monitor while simultaneously charging the notebooks battery from the monitor with USB power delivery. Additionally the USB 3.1 ensures lightning-fast data transmission so even transferring a 4K movie can be done in less than one minute.N/AN/A75HZ REFRESH RATEN/AGet the upper edge! With a 75 Hz refresh rate the display panel draws 75 frames each second. 75 Hz refresh rate is 25% faster than what is offered on most entry level displays at 60 Hz while still being affordable and delivering those extra frames gamers need to beat their opponents.N/AN/ALOW BLUE LIGHTN/AAOC Lowblue Light protects you from harmful blue light which during long sessions has been shown to cause eye strain headaches and sleeping disorders. Our Lowbue Light feature reduces the harmful wavelengths emitted without sacrificing color composition setting the experience free from the worry of eye damage.N/AN/AFLICKER FREEN/AAOC Flicker-Free Technology utilises a DC (Direct Current) backlight panel reducing flickering light levels. With eye strain and fatigue absolutely minimized feel free to enjoy those long intense gaming sessions in comfort!N/AN/ADISPLAY PORTN/ADisplayPort offers ultra-fast digital audio and video transmission without quality loss or input lag. Quickly and easily connect a range of devices to your screen including your computer laptop media player game console and more. Its perfect for professionals as well as the most demanding home users.N/AN/AHDMIN/AHDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is supported by the current gaming consoles current GPUs set-top boxes supporting the HDCP digital content protection system. HDMI 1.3-1.4b versions support up to 144 Hz refresh rate@1080p and 75 Hz@1440p while HDMI 2.0-2.0b versions support 240Hz@1080p 144Hz@1440p and 60 Hz@2160p (4K).N/AN/AUSB HUBN/ABuilt-in USB hubs in AOCs monitors bring ease of use and practicality to your desk. Side mounted ports are easily reachable without even looking at them; negating time wasted searching the backside of a PC case to find a free USB port.N/AN/AFRAMELESS DESIGNN/ABesides looking modern and attractive frameless designs enable seamless multi-monitor setups. Your cursor/windows will not be lost anymore in the dark abyss of bezels when many displays are placed side by side.N/AN/ASPEAKERSN/ABuilt-in speakers make it easy to catch up with family friends and colleagues. For movies music games and more youll enjoy quality audio without the hassle of connecting external speakers.N/AN/AKENSINGTON LOCKN/AKensington Lock is an anti-theft system comprising a metal-reinforced hole in the body of the respective device to use with a metal cable secured with a key/lock system. Kensington locks enable you to secure your AOC monitor during a LAN event an organisation or wherever you carry it.N/AN/AFREESYNCN/AThe AMD FreeSync Technology ensures that the GPUs and monitors refresh rates are synchronised which provides a smooth tear free gaming experience. You will appreciate the low input lag if youre looking for the best quality visuals in fast paced games.N/AN/A1MS RESPONSE TIME - MPRTN/AVESA MOUNTN/AAOCs Ergo Base stands bring versatility sturdiness and ease of use in one package. But do you still want to use your wall mount or multi-monitor setup using desk mounts? VESA mounts bring you the uppermost flexibility. Upside-down in pivot mode on top of each other attach your monitor wherever you want using 3rd party mounts and stands thanks to the VESA mount option.N/AN/ATHREE-YEAR WARRANTYN/AAOC stands behind the quality of each and every monitor with a generous three-year warranty starting from the original date of purchase. Within the warranty period any AOC displays with manufacturing defects or faulty components will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge.