Adesso EasyTouch 650EB RGB keyboard USB QWERTY US English Black

Adesso EasyTouch 650EB RGB keyboard USB QWERTY US English Black
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Brand: Adesso
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The Adesso EasyTouch 650EB RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard elevates your gaming experience to a different level with its newly design blue mechanical switch. Blue switch offers a tactile-clicky feedback giving you a typewriter-like experience. Structurally the switch has a titanium steel spring to ensure longevity and accurate feedback. The copper sheet which is where the keycaps make contact during typing does not deform and has a memory-like characteristic to help balancing out the average typing force exerted by your fingers. This keyboard also offers full RGB lighting effects macro key editing and different key assignments through its easy-to-use programmable driver. Combining with its minimalistic look the Adesso EasyTouch 650EB is definitely the best choice for your gaming experience!N/AN/AMulti-Color Illuminated KeyboardN/AOur backlit illuminated keyboard combines Red Green and Blue LEDs arranged like the colors in a rainbow. Onboard keystroke commands allow you to control special effects with the lighting that mirror breathing with the pulsation of the LEDs. Illuminated keyboards are the perfect solution for your home office or gaming environment during the day and even better at night whether you are working hard or playing hard.N/AN/AProgrammable Macro KeysN/ARecord your Macro Keys with the programmable driver to provide access to your most frequently used program the internet and your Multimedia Controls.N/AN/AMechanical Key SwitchesN/AThe mechanical key switch technology is a top design when it comes to keyboards. The tiny snap you feel through your finger tips and the subtle click you hear confirms each keystroke. It is the instant tactile and audible response in your typing that makes it more efficient and contains 45-50g of actuation force.N/AN/ARGB Color Brightness Adjustment KnobN/AComes with a unique color adjustment knob allows you to adjust the color brightness or the patterns to match your style.N/AN/AN-Key Rollover (Anti Ghosting)N/AThe N-key roller function permits to 6 keys to be pressed at the same time a great advantage for gamer and typists. When you type on this keyboard it makes sure you will hit each precision as you can hear the audible feedback.