4K 50P/60P Lightweight Camcorder

4K 50P/60P Lightweight Camcorder
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Brand: Panasonic
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4K 50P/60P Lightweight Camcorder• Compact and lightweight 4K 50p/60p camcorder with detachable handle and LED light • Integrated Leica lens with a 25mm wide angle optical 24x zoom and fast face-detection AF • 4K 4:2:2 10 bit HDMI output for high quality external recording • HEVC Codec for 4K 60p recording • AVC Ultra Codecs for conventional HD recording in P2 MXF file format • NDI HX Compatible • Includes built-in Wi-Fi for remote control Packed into a compact body and offering the on-site mobility and portability it enables high-quality 4K 50p/60 recording. Achieving high-spec optical performance with a Wide-Angle 25mm1 Lens and 32x i.ZOOM (4K recording) exclusive high-precision AF provides high-speed accurate focusing for both 4K and Full-HD shooting. The AG-CX10 camcorder is well suited for reportage and interview style shooting events coverage and sports. Wi-Fi supports HD Live Streaming using only the camcorder. Panasonic’s exclusive high-precision Auto Focus (AF) provides high-speed accurate face detection and focusing for both 4K and FullHD shooting. The AG-CX10 has two manual rings selectable 1/4 1/16 1/64 ND filter a built-in and adjustable LED video light and 24-bit linear PCM audio recording. Handheld work during difficult low-angle and high-angle shooting is simple using the AG-CX10. In addition to Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) Electronic Image Stabilisation operates to detect and correct handshake in 5 axes including rotational blurring. LEICA DICOMAR LENS This high-performance lens has passed the stringent inspection standards of Leica Camera AG for aspects such as resolution and contrast. In addition to rendering sharp crisp images it produces the distinctive nuances and subtle shading that Leica lenses are renowned for. 1/2.5-TYPE SENSOR Increasing the readout speed has made it possible to handle large-volume 4K data at a fast 60 fps/50 fps. This suppresses the rolling shutter distortion that often occurs when shooting moving subjects. VENUS ENGINE The Venus Engine which contains technologies accumulated with LUMIX is newly incorporated in camcorders. This high-speed LSI processes the massive volume of 4K data quickly and accurately while reducing noise. 4:2:2 10-bit WIDE 25MM *2 ANGLE The integrated lens boasts the industry’s widest angle of 25 mm at the wide-angle setting. It enables wide-angle shooting with little distortion without the use of a wide conversion lens and also allows video recording/production in narrow spaces. 24X OPTICAL ZOOM 48X (FHD) / 32X (UHD) I.ZOOM Covers the range of 25.0mm wide angle to ultra-telephoto 600mm at UHD/FHD. (35mm film camera equivalent) The i.Zoom function increases the zooming capability to a maximum of approximately 48x FHD (32x UHD) while maintaining the beauty of high-definition image quality. TWO MANUAL RINGS AND ND FILTER The AG-CX10 comes with two manual rings for zoom focus and iris control. The zoom speed can be varied by applying pressure to the zoom seesaw switch on the body. Built-in ND filters can be selected (1/4 1/16 1/64 or OFF) in order to match the shooting environment and suppress the amount of incident light. KEEP YOUR OBJECT IN FOCUS 4K High-precision AF and Focus Assist Functions Exclusive high-precision Auto Focus (AF) provides high-speed accurate face detection and focusing for both 4K and Full HD shooting. The camcorder supports a wide variety of Focus Assist functions for precise capture of the subjects. The functions includeFace Detection AF/AE Using Colour Area Function One-push AF Expand and Peaking. 5-AXIS HYBRID O.I.S. (UHD/FHD) The built-in Hybrid image stabilizer ensures powerful camera shake compensation in five axial directions including rotational blurring in all modes. Thanks to this functionality powerful camera shake compensation is made possible in low-angle shooting high-angle shooting and all other unstable conditions. There are three modes to choose from: NORMAL (standard) STABLE (effective for fixed-frame shooting) and PAN/TILT (effective in panning and tilting). VERSATILE RECORDING MODES 4:2:0 10-bit (4K/60P) 4:2:2 10-bit (4K/30P) With 4:2:2 10-bit sampling LongGOP (150 Mbps) can acquire a maximum 29.98p/25p UHD and a maximum 59.97p/50p FHD. High-efficiency codec: Maximum 200 Mbps (4K 59.94p)/150Mbps(4K 29.97p) New highly-efficient HEVC recording Featuring a high-efficiency new codec HEVC (4:2:0 10-bit) Smooth reproduction is possible with software such as a free VLC Media Player or QuickTime Player.*3 SUPER SLOW MOTION 120/100FPS (FHD MOV) Super-Slow Motion effect can be achieved by highspeed HD recording at 120 fps (59.94 Hz) or 100 fps (50 Hz). The image area is not cropped even at high frame rates.